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Alcoholism Ain’t About Willpower.

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Most of us, at one time or another, have heard it said that if we just try hard enough we can give up booze.  That, my friends, is hogwash.

Finding peace as an alcoholic is about a complete psychic change….it is about becoming a new person, and that means turning our lives inside out and starting over.

A physical addiction cannot be willed away.  An obsession of the mind cannot be willed away.  Many of the alcoholics I have known were very willful people, but that did not prevent them from drinking, oftentimes with calamitous results.

It is often said that alcohol is but a symptom of the real problem, and that real problem is the alcoholic.  Once we have accepted that fact, and once we have begun the process of changing who we are, then we can begin to walk the Happy Road of Destiny!

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