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I want to invite you to watch a video I made about alcoholism…..there is life after sobriety and it is a wonder indeed.


I hope you find it enjoyable and informative.

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Here we have the crucial first step on the road to recovery.  We needed to admit that there is a problem and that we had lost all control.  As long as we harbor false-hope that we can handle alcoholism on our own, then there will be no recovery.

Once we admit to a problem then we open ourselves up to a solution.

People often ask why there are so many relapses among alcoholics.  Look no further for the answer; alcoholics have often been described as self-will run riot.  We are convinced that we can control the effects of alcohol and that one day we will find a way to drink normally.  This is the great fallacy that is believed by all alcoholics.

The solution is found in giving up, and by giving up we find freedom.

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