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What does it mean that our lives had become unmanageable?

Maybe you are calling in to work sick more than ever; can’t quite make it in after a heavy night of drinking.

Maybe you are forgetting your child’s sporting events.  Maybe you are forgetting business meetings.

Maybe you are short-tempered and hurting your loved ones with your words….or worse!

Maybe you have no energy or no desire….or both!

Maybe you find yourself getting into more arguments or even fights.

Maybe you just got a DUI and it isn’t your first.

Maybe you can’t stop drinking; despite your best intentions you continually turn to the bottle for relief.

Maybe….just maybe….your life has become unmanageable!

Alcohol robs us of so many things!  It robs us of our self-esteem, our morality, our confidence, our trustworthiness and our physical well-being.  At first gradually but then with ever-increasing regularity, alcohol turns us into a person we do not recognize and cannot love.

There is no way to sugar-coat this:  alcoholism does not go away.  However, we can learn to live happily without alcohol, and once again re-claim our lives.

The choice is ours and ours alone!  There is a solution!

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