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I just read the most remarkable article written by a friend of mine.  You can read it here  http://kdubarry03.hubpages.com/hub/Coming-Out-as-Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual

In it, Keith talks about admitting that he is gay, and how difficult it is to do so.

I am reminded of something I learned a long time ago in AA.  We are only as sick as our secrets.  Once we have admitted that we are alcoholic and that we are powerless over alcohol, a great weight is lifted off of our shoulders.  It is a moment of freedom for most of us because at that moment we are declaring that we are alright being who we are.  We are acknowledging that we are human and as such we have frailties, and that there is no reason to be ashamed.

Sobriety is about freedom!  Sobriety is about truth!  Sobriety is about loving ourselves and doing everything in our power to live a happy life without the aid of alcohol.

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