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Locked in a prison of our own making, the alcoholic has lost hope. There seems to be no way out, and giving up is a viable option…or so it seems.

What can you believe in?  When there is no hope, what can you grab hold of?  Everything you have tried has failed.  You want to quit drinking but nothing you do is working!

Upon entering Alcoholics Anonymous, we are told that we need to believe in a power greater than ourselves.  Some call that power God; some find it in some other form.  The important point, however, is that the alcoholic realize that he/she is not the center of the universe.  In coming to this realization, one is able to reach out and find help.

By relinquishing control we find freedom.  In a very real sense, by giving up we gain power!

An alcoholic cannot find freedom from addiction by themselves; it is too great a task and they are doomed to failure should they try.

There is a solution!  The question, then, is are you willing to go to any lengths to find freedom and happiness?

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