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Sobriety is a life-long commitment.  If you are looking for an easy fix, you have a long wait.  If you are looking for a magic elixir that will ease the pain, you will never find it.

The last paragraph in the first chapter of the “Twelve By Twelve,” states, and I paraphrase, that when we finally hit bottom we will come to AA with a willingness to listen that only the dying have.

That is how it was for this man.  I needed to realize that I would die if I did not change; only then was I willing to listen to what AA had to offer, and only then was I willing to do the work necessary to affect change.

There is a solution, and the solution will only work if you are willing to change your life and accept the spiritual principles of a better life.

Life is good for this man, and it can be good for you as well, but you must be willing to go to any lengths to change.

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