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Who has been harmed because of your alcoholism?  This is not a disease that limits the damage to the alcoholic!  Oh no, we alcoholics go through life like a tornado, destroying everything in our path.

So I ask you again:  who has been harmed because of your alcoholism?  What kinds of harm are there?  Well, the main ones are physical, mental, emotional….anything else?  I had a sponsee once who told me he hadn’t harmed anyone during his 20 years of drinking.  Really?  Really?  How about yourself for starters?

During my drinking days I hurt family, friends, co-workers, students….and myself!

The wreckage stretched far and wide, and no matter how hard I tried to deny it, the wreckage was there nonetheless.

None of us live in a vacuum!  We need to realize the damage we do when we selfishly continue to slowly kill ourselves with alcohol.  Our actions have consequences!

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