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As I write this I am two months short of six years sober!  The old adage “one day at a time” is so important to remember.  When I was first starting out it seemed overwhelming to think about not drinking for the rest of my life.  It is just too much to comprehend because we are talking about giving up an old friend in alcohol.

The only way to do time is to do time, one day at a time.  Wake up, go through your routines, and before you know it you have another day….and then another….and time adds up.

Speaking of routines, I’m a big believer that alcoholics need to establish routines.  When I was first starting out, I wrote out a schedule that I had to follow.  Idle time is not good for this alcoholic; I stay as busy as possible so that my mind does not have the time to think about alcohol.  It seems silly to write that, but the truth is, the busier I am the better.

After awhile, you reach the point, almost miraculously, where you don’t even think about alcohol, and that is a great moment for an alcoholic.

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