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Channeling stress…..that was the topic of a comment I recently received….how do we, as alcoholics, find a way to relieve ourselves of stress now that we are not turning to alcohol for the numbing effect it has on us?

A great question and one faced by many recovering alcoholics.  It explains, of course, why so many recovering alcoholics smoke and drink copious amounts of coffee; it also, in part, explains why so many return to their drinking ways.  They have not found alternatives for handling stress and so they return to the one thing they know.

The recovering alcoholics who I know, who are enjoying life and not fighting recovery, are an active group of people.  They all have found interests outside of AA that keep them quite busy and channel their energies in a positive manner.  It may be volunteer work, or taking up a hobby, or something as simple as becoming involved in AA group activities.

The key is to find ways to stay busy so that the stress that you may be feeling is eventually forgotten.

One other way that is guaranteed to work is to do work with another suffering alcoholic.  We have found that doing service work with others is a sure-fire way of eliminating the stress and worry in our lives.  Reach out to someone else who is struggling and you will find that you gain strength in helping others…..and you also gain a great deal of satisfaction.

There is life after alcohol, and it is a great life, but it takes hard work and willingness.  If you are struggling with this, talk to someone who has travelled the same road that you are travelling.  We do not invent the wheel in recovery; we simply share that which was freely given to us.

May you find peace and happiness just around the next corner of your life.

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