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I am one month away from six years of sobriety, and as I have a habit of doing, I was reflecting on those six years and how far I have come…..and how far I will fall if I ever decide to stop this sober lifestyle.

Yes, I said decide, because that is what it comes down to:  we make a conscious choice to fall off the wagon and relapse.  Nobody pours that magic elixir down our throats; that is our choice completely.  It has nothing to do with whether or not your wife is a bitch or your husband is an asshole.  It has everything to do with whether or not you want to live a sober life.

Today, living sober is very easy.  I literally never think of drinking, and that statement comes from a person who, six years ago, was about one day away from dying.  I could not stop drinking, and I had become so weak, and my blood pressure so low, that I would not have lasted much more than another day.  I was not a functioning human being.

Today, six years later, I have everything to live for, and alcohol is nothing more than a reminder to me of how far I have come and how far I can fall.

Yes, I live a sober lifestyle!  I have surrounded myself with sober people.  I have surrounded myself with caring and compassionate and moral people.  I do not go to slippery places, and I work on my spirituality daily.

I have, in fact, returned to the person I was before alcohol entered the picture forty years ago, and I like that person today…..no….I love that person today!

And so will you, but first you must be willing!

May you find peace and happiness, as I have!

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