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So, do you want what I have?

Do you want to wake up with a clear head and a smiling heart?  Do you want to wake up not regretting your life?  Do you want to wake up happy with who you are?  Do you want to wake up not fighting life?  Do you want to wake up in love with life?

Well, if so, here is the secret…..are you ready?  Give up!  Give up the fight!

The good news is that the battle is over; the bad news is that you lost!  You can’t beat alcohol, so you might as well give up trying.  I know; I’ve been there!  There is no way to win that battle, and the sooner you realize that fact the sooner you will have what I have.

You also have to give up trying to control life; there is no controlling life; it just is!  You can either accept people, places, and things as exactly the way they are supposed to be, or you can let it all eat you up inside and then you will be right back to drinking.

The choice is yours.  Nobody else can make this decision or choice.  Nobody else controls your happiness.  I am a big believer in calling it like I see it, and I’m here to tell you that suffering from alcoholism is a choice.  Armed with the knowledge that alcoholism is a disease…..armed with the knowledge that there is a solution…..once you know those things, then you choose whether to continue suffering or not!

I have lost many friends to this disease.  It damn near killed me.  I miss those friends, but the bottom line is that they chose to go back out and drink.  Nobody forced them!

Being drunk is a choice; being sober is a choice!  Which do you choose?

Listen to my own words about alcoholism here…..and God bless you all!

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