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It’s a pretty simple question, but one that demands complete honesty.  Can you control your drinking?

Many alcoholics experience denial of this topic, because nobody wants to admit that they are getting their butt kicked and they can’t do a damn thing about it.  However, if you are an alcoholic, and if you are being honest, you will have to admit that you cannot control the amount that you drink.

I can tell you for a fact that this alcoholic has no control whatsoever.  None….zero….zilch….nada!  Once I start drinking there is no stopping me at all.  Oh, I may be able to fake it for a couple of days, but the time will come when I will begin drinking 24/7/365, and then I am a dead man walking.

I’m the guy who would drink the remains in other people’s glasses.  I’m the guy who can’t understand how some people can take two or three sips from a glass of wine and then walk away from it.  I’m the guy who sneaks drinks and hides liquor throughout the house so I’m never far from it.  I’m the guy who knows exactly how much booze I have left and when I’ll have to make a booze run to the store.  I’m the guy who goes to different stores on a rotating basis so the clerks won’t notice how often I shop there for booze.

I’m the one who can’t be trusted at all once I start drinking!

No, I cannot control drinking, so the solution, for me, is to never start again.

To show you the insanity of this disease, imagine for a moment if you went to the doctor and he told you that you would have a deadly reaction if you ever ate a tomato again.  Most sane human beings would simply say “okay” and never eat a tomato the rest of their life.

However, you tell an alcoholic who is still drinking that he can die from one more drink, and he/she is just as likely to immediately go out and have a drink, and that, my friends, is insanity of the highest order.

Can you control your drinking?

I invite you to watch my video on alcoholism….you can see it here!

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