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I often read something on Facebook or in someone’s blog about them being unhappy with their husband or wife, and how there are things that need to be changed with behaviors.  Seems there are quite a few people out there who feel the need to alter their spouses actions or little quirks.

I smile at that and shake my head!

If you are an alcoholic….or for that matter, if you are just a regular normal person without alcoholic tendencies, let me ask you why you feel the need to change your spouse?

Bev and I have known each other for five years now.  I know all of her quirks and mannerisms.  Hell, I’ve known them for quite some time, and she knows mine.  Despite them all, we love each other.  Why would I want to change the person I fell in love with?  Of course, if there were abuse then we are talking a whole different ball of wax, but seriously, snoring?  Talking when you are trying to read a book? Putting elbows on the table during a meal?  Are those the issues you really want to battle over?

Speaking at this moment as an alcoholic, I have my hands full taking care of myself.  My job, as a recovering alcoholic and as a human being, is to be responsible for my actions and accepting of the actions of others.  I am not the director of life and I do not get to choose how people act.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone adopted that philosophy?

If you haven’t seen my video on alcoholism you can see it here!

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