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thumbnailCAE2TTDQOkay, it is now 2013, and the new year means a fresh start.  If you are still struggling with alcohol, today marks the first day of the rest of your sober life.  It is a great day to toss away the booze and make a new resolution that just might save your life.

My thoughts always return to one thing on New Year’s Day…the fact that I am damn lucky to be alive.  There is a wonderful clarity about life after you have almost lost it.  One can pretty easily cut through the b.s. and see what is important….and that is life itself.wash d.c.

If you are still drinking then you won’t understand that last statement of mine.  If you are sober and living a sober life, then that last statement should make perfect sense.

Remember this:  you never have to drink again!  From this day forward, drinking is a choice you are making, just as sobriety is a choice.

Which do you choose?

Happy New Year!

If you would like to watch my video on alcoholism, you can find it here!

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