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boozeComplacency is one of our greatest enemies…..that and growing too comfortable in our new-found sobriety.

We alcoholics have built-in forgetters.  We go through the first few tough months of sobriety, and we start feeling good about life again.  Our jobs are going well; we have mended some fences at home, and we are feeling strong and ready to take on life full-steam ahead.  We have been going to meetings, or we have been walking the sober walk without meetings, but there comes a time when we start forgetting that we are alcoholics, and that is when danger is at our doorstep.

Fighting alcohol is a never-ending battle.  The disease does not go away!  It is sitting in the background, doing push-ups and getting stronger, just waiting for the day when we let down our guard and forget to do the things that got us sober in the first place.

And then it all comes crashing down once again!

Sobriety is an everyday process!  The bad news is that alcoholism never goes away.  The good news is that after a time, if we are doing our homework, it is no longer a struggle.

I have written often about the fact that I no longer have cravings for alcohol.  I have written that I no longer even think about drinking.  That is the true miracle, but it comes with a price.

Each and every day I do my homework.  Each and every day I review how I have acted and how I have treated others.  Each and every day I am honest with others and honest with myself.  I have changed who I am, and you can do it as well, but you have to be willing.

If you are willing then there is a life out there with your name on it, and it is a beautiful life indeed.

If you would like to read my ebook on alcoholism, you can find it here.

Blessings to you all!

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