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wash d.c.The U.S. CDC recently reported that 12,000 women and girls die each year from binge drinking.

I mention that because I want to point out that binge drinking does not necessarily mean alcoholism.  A person with little history of drinking can go out on the town, drink too much, and die of alcohol poisoning.  They could go to the beach on Spring break and drink too much over five or seven days, and die from it.  Remember that alcohol is a depressant, and if the body is not accustomed to that much alcohol, it can be fatal.

That is a completely different discussion than alcoholism.  Alcoholism is a disease featuring a physical craving and a psychological dependency, and it is characterized by a long history of excessive drinking.

One of the things that makes alcoholism such a sneaky bastard is the fact that nobody really knows they are alcoholic without first stepping into the waters.  The disease is genetic for sure, but it can skip generations, so there is no real way of knowing until it steps up and bites you in the ass.

My recommendation, and I rarely do this, but my recommendation is that if you have alcoholism in your family history, think long and hard before you start drinking.  Is it worth the risk just to get socially high with your friends?

If you would like to see my video on alcoholism, you can find it here.

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