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teacherIf someone told you that you would get violently ill and possibly die if you ate another tomato, chances are pretty good you would never eat that tomato again.  However, if someone tells an alcoholic that they might die if they ever take another drink, there is an internal debate that occurs, and chances are worse than 50/50 that they will follow that advice.

Why?  Because we are talking about a physical craving and a psychological obsession with booze!  Do not try to attack this problem logically for there is no logic when we are talking about an alcoholic’s obsession with booze.

Alcoholics, when faced with the realization that they might have a problem, will try anything to drink like a normal person.  They will switch to beer only; they will try to drink only on weekends…..and on and on they go, and each attempt to modify their behavior ends in defeat.

We will never be able to drink like normal people. It ain’t going to happen, so the sooner we come to that realization the better.  However, it takes what it takes.  Some alcoholics have to suffer longer than others before they realize that for them, alcohol is the tomato that will kill them.

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