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wash d.c.Poor me…..Poor me…..Pour me another drink!

I pay a lot of attention to the old-timers in AA.  The ones with twenty…thirty years of sobriety.  One thing I noticed about them is they never talk about problems that they might be having.  Surely they have problems….we all do…but all they talk about is the solution.

There was an old-timer I knew years back….his name was Little Joe, and at the time he had over forty years of sobriety.  He would always say that life was good.  Hi my name is Little Joe, and life is good!

He had a heart attack, and two weeks later he was back at a meeting saying life was good.  I asked him about it, and he said that compared to the hell of drinking, all else pales in comparison.  Life was, indeed, good.

We can concentrate on the negatives in our life, and how miserable we are, and I guarantee you that leads to thoughts of drinking.  Or we can concentrate on the good in life, and I guarantee that leads to thoughts of sobriety.

The choice is ours!

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