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thumbnailCAE2TTDQHave you heard the expression “the dog days of summer?”  Well, for my money, the expression should be changed to the Dog Days of Winter, because for an alcoholic these are the tough times in maintaining sobriety.

The excitement of the holidays have come and gone, and everyone is looking forward to spring and warmer weather, and in the meantime we are left with two more months of winter with very little to look forward to.

The clouds cover the sun, the cold prevents us from getting outside, and we are left with our own thoughts, and that is a dangerous game to play.  It has often been said that the most dangerous real estate in the world is the eight inches between your ears, and I believe that to be true.

Alcoholics do not need to spend much time in their own heads.  That area is ripe with stinkin’ thinkin’ and that leads to relapsing.miscellaneous....and steph 003

Use these tough months to strengthen your program of sobriety.  Do not isolate.  Reach out to friends and share some good sobriety time having fun and sharing laughter.

I will repeat:  do not isolate!

One day at a time we will get through the winter, and the sun will once again shine, and we will get outside and breathe a sigh of relief and the world will look better to us.  In the meantime, we need to take care of business and make sure we don’t spend much time on that dangerous piece of real estate.

Sit with me awhile and watch my video about alcoholism.

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