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teacherYes, staying sober requires maintenance.  Think about it for a second.  If you are an alcoholic you have spent decades drinking.  That, my friends, is a habit that is not easily broken.  Now suddenly you stop drinking.  Now what?  You have stopped so now what do you do?

For most of us, we realized that simply not drinking was not enough; we had to change everything about us.  You see, drinking was just a symptom of the real problem, and the real problem was us!

I had to start from the ground up and rebuild who I was, and then I had to make sure I did not return to the old person, because the old person wants to drink.  That’s what he does, he drinks!

So I got rid of negative thinking. I got rid of outside influences, including people, who were not good for me to be around.  I avoided slippery places like taverns and cocktail lounges.  I started treating people with respect and I stopped trying to use them for my own gain.  When I was wrong I admitted it and made amends.  It was tiring and it was hard work and I sure don’t want to do it again, so I do daily maintenance for my continued sobriety.

Every night I review my day and make sure that I have acted like a good person.  If I have done something that I shouldn’t have done then I have to make up for that. I have to apologize and make it right.

The other maintenance I do is I help other alcoholics.  This blog is one example. I must be available to others who are still suffering, and I must offer help when they need it.  By helping others I am also helping myself stay sober.

You see, it is not about just giving up the booze.  It is about making a brand new life and then doing the homework necessary to live a happy and contented new life.

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