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wash d.c.Take it one day at a time!  How many of you have heard those words of advice and just wanted to scream, because even one day seems like an eternity as you try to live a sober life?

I remember six years ago during my last drunk….one hour without a drink was too long.  It was inconceivable even trying to wrap my brain around one day of sobriety.

I have known people, and this is the truth, who have had relatives lock them in closets to keep them from going out and finding a drink.  I have known people who have sold themselves for booze, giving their bodies to others for the price of a bottle.

I have known people who, when faced with the insanity of it all, have chosen to just kill themselves rather than face the un-faceable.

Alcoholism is no joke!  This is a deadly disease that will wrap its tentacles around your brain and not let go of you until you are dead.

So yes, one day at a time!  One damn hour at a time!  And then another, and another, and another until we learn to live without alcohol and finally break the bonds that have prevented us from being happy.

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