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teacherNo warnings about alcohol today!  No scary scenarios that could happen!  No memories of horrible days where life had no meaning.

Today we will talk briefly about the joys of sobriety.  I have heard newcomers say that they can’t imagine every having fun without alcohol.  They have asked me what do I do if I’m not drinking.

What do I do? I live life!  I love life!  I am so damn busy I can’t get everything done in a day.  My life has expanded so much in the past six years, and new opportunities arrive almost daily.  There is so much I want to accomplish.  There are so many things I want to experience.  I have a woman by my side who adores me and I want her and I to get the most out of our time left on this planet, and none of it would have been possible if I were still drinking.

Today my senses are alive, my mind is fresh, my sense of humor has returned and I love everything about this world I live in….and it is all because I put the plug in the jug!

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