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wash d.c.Let go Let God!  There was a time during my early sobriety when I hated those four words.  Why the hell should I trust God to handle things? He hadn’t done such a good job up to that point.  LOL  Oh what hubris!  The fact is that I kept trying to manipulate life and have things happen according to what I wanted.  I was the director of life and I wanted everything to happen the way I wanted them to happen.  That, my friends, is a formula for defeat.

I can’t honestly say that I spend a lot of time praying and asking for God’s help, but I do now see the wisdom in just accepting life.  I handle what is in front of me on a daily basis.  Things change and I adjust according to the changes.  I am like a willow in the wind, bending but not breaking, rather than a tall oak that gets knocked down the first time a heavy wind arrives.

It is exhausting trying to control everything and everybody.  Life is much better now that I have learned to accept life and those around me.  Much less stress….much less anxiety…and a whole lot more enjoyment.

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