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teacherEASY DOES IT!  Anyone who has spent any time around Alcoholics Anonymous has heard those three simple words.  So, what do they have to do with alcoholism?

I have used this example before but it is worth repeating.  My first sponsor in AA used to tell me that I could make a typhoon out of a glass of water.  I still laugh when I think of that because it was very accurate.

Back in my drinking days, everything was a major crisis.  The simplest occurrences were reasons to get upset or get stressed.  My life was one big catastrophe and it was exhausting.

Fast forward to today, six years later.  Very little in life bothers me.  In fact, I have got it made in the shade, dudes and dudettes.  I take life as it comes and don’t stress the small stuff.

The Promises of AA do not promise that if you stop drinking you will get your wife back, or you will get a better job, or  you will make more money and have less bills.  No, the promises simply say that if you live according to the principles of AA you will learn how to live life without alcohol, and you will no longer be a slave to booze.

That is where I am now.  I am living the Promises and my life has never been so good.

Does that sound good to you?  Well then Easy Does It!

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