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much younger daysI have people who depend on me.  I have people who trust me and believe in my word.  What a remarkable thing that is considering where I have come from.

There was a day, not so long ago, when my word was worth very little.  I could not be trusted nor could I be believed.  My whole world revolved around alcohol, and mundane things like trust and character did not enter into my daily life.  My family worried about me, of course, because they loved me, but they did not trust me and quite frankly, they were convinced I would be dead within the near future.

Today that is all gone because you see, today alcohol is not my lover.  Today I love life, and my well-being, and that of my family, are the most important things in my life.

The change in me happened because I made a choice.  It was a difficult choice because it required that I change most things about me, but it was a conscious choice and one that completely changed my life.

You can do the same!  If you are struggling with alcohol or drugs, there is help available, but the first step involves admitting that there is a problem and that you need help.  When you are ready to admit those things then you are on your way for the trip of a lifetime.

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