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teacherAre you an alcoholic?  Well there’s a loaded question if I ever heard one.  Get it??? Loaded???  Sigh, my humor may be too unique.  LOL

So back to the question.  Unfortunately, the only one who can truly answer that question is the person asking it.

Remember that alcoholism is a physical addiction and a psychological obsession.  Do you go about your day thinking about your next drink?  Do you find it almost impossible to stop after one drink?  Has alcohol started to cause problems in your life?  Do you lie to cover-up your use of alcohol? Do you hide your drinking?  Have you found your health suffering because of your drinking?

All of those are clues that you might just have a problem worth addressing.  Normal drinkers can take it or leave it.  They can stop after one drink.  Alcohol usually does not cause problems in their lives and they do not lie to cover up the fact that they had a couple drinks.

Perhaps the best indicator that you might be an alcoholic is the fact that you would even ask the question in the first place.  The mere act of asking if you are an alcoholic says that you realize alcohol is a problem in your life. J

There is help out there…reach out and ask for it before it is too late.

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