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much younger daysFor some alcoholics, the long struggle has ended.  By whatever means, whether it be by treatment or AA or hypnosis, they have found sobriety and now they are starting a sober life.

Life is good again and they are picking up the pieces of their shattered lives and embracing this living thing once again.  They start interacting with people again and that can be a sticky wicket.

Most of us have caused some damage during our drinking careers.  We may have lied to others.  We may have cheated and stolen money, and we have most certainly broken trust that others had in us.

Simply because we are now sober does not mean that there isn’t damage control to be done.  We have to earn back the trust that we lost while drinking.  Some people will instantly embrace us and forgive.  Speaking for myself, I have had people who simply will not forgive me and that is understandable.  Others have accepted me with open arms and now look at me with respect and admiration.

Remember as you begin your sober lives that it is your job to ask forgiveness and then start walking your talk.  Respect must be earned.  It is not given freely, especially to those of us who have shattered that respect while we were drinking.

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