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wash d.c.Yesterday we talked a little about the reactions we may meet once we have found sobriety.  Let’s talk a bit more about that.

Some of us…many of us…drank for decades.  The damage and pain we caused during that time was, for many of us, enormous.  Simply because we get sober does not mean that damage goes away.  Hearts were broken…trust was shattered…and that kind of damage takes a long time to heal and repair.

Our job as recovering alcoholics is to make amends and then show, through our daily actions, that we are changed people.  The amends we make may not be accepted.  We might make very sincere apologies only to have the injured party say they do not accept our apology.  So be it!  We can do no more.  We must make the amends and then move forward.  We cannot change the past but we can change our future.

Live each day with compassion, empathy and love.  Over time people will once again give you their trust and acceptance, but it is a long journey and one we must commit to.

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