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January 28 2012 161Easter weekend, as good a time to drink as any other!

Seriously, are you having family over for the holidays?  Will there be drinking?  Let me tell you how it is in our household.

Everyone knows I am an alcoholic, so there is no drinking in our household.  I have never told our family not to.  They have chosen not to out of respect to me.  We gather together here and have sparkling cider or some other juice.

Would it upset me to be around booze?  After six years of sobriety probably not, but why would I risk it?  Why would I hang out in slippery places and be around my biggest temptation when there is no reason to do so? Staying sober is much too important to me, and I have no desire to tempt fate.  My health and happiness is much too important to my family, so why would they tempt fate?

I have listened to people debate whether families of alcoholics should drink at family gatherings.  My opinion is that they shouldn’t out of respect for the alcoholic and the struggle the alcoholic goes through.  What possible reason could you have for drinking if you know someone in the room is trying to stop from drinking, and their very health and well-being are at stake?

Just one man’s opinion.

Have a great Easter weekend!

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