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wash d.c.So, I was eating lunch, trying to reduce my caloric intake, and I was wondering what I was going to write today for this blog.  Then it came to me, like a bolt out of the sky…..are you ready?


There…that will be $20 for the hour’s consultation!

I had a friend once in AA who had her son lock her in the closet so she couldn’t get out to buy booze.  He did, she didn’t, and after three days she felt sufficiently strong enough to literally come out of the closet.

That, my friends, is determination and willingness to go to any lengths not to drink.

You have to want it ladies and gentlemen.  You have to want sobriety so bad that you are willing to do anything….anything….to stay sober….and please, no excuses.  If you slip and have a relapse, don’t blame it on the wife’s nagging or your boss being a jerk….we relapse because we didn’t want it bad enough to go to any lengths.  I hate excuses!  It goes something like this:  if you had my problems you would drink too.   Oh cry me a river!  We all have problems!thumbnailCAE2TTDQ

So there you have my words of wisdom today….DON’T DRINK!

And if you do drink, don’t bother with the whining or the excuse making….you chose to drink again, plain and simple, and you can choose to stop drinking any old time you want.

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